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Silent isolation is an Adventure game made in 13 days for the $102 Adventure game challenge. It deals with morals, Brain Emulation and the meaning of one’s deeds.


WSAD for movement

2 to use the torch

1 to put away torch

Q and E for dialogue choices

LMB to pick up

Install instructions

Unzip and run!


SilentIsolation.zip 61 MB


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I'm assuming no but just wanted to check - is there any load / save game facility?

(If not, please add one to a post-jam version! :-D)

Thanks for commenting! Yeah. I wanna do saves. Also, there's some dialogue that's recorded, scripted and even in the game files. However, due to some glitch it just never triggers.

I'll be fixing the above in a new version later down the line

Apart from that, what did you think of the game itself?


I haven't got very far into it and with there being no save I need to give it some time before I can properly play it to give my ratings for the game jam.  Therefore I can't really say much about the storyline or puzzle yet - did at least manage to find all the bits of the torch and make that though! ;-)

Impressions so far though - graphics are really well done, the environment layout is good, and the ambient SFX are really well done.  Hoping to give this a proper go soon.  I struggle a little with large environments that aren't very interactive, but appreciate that you wanted to convey a feeling of emptiness, at least in the beginning section (I'm not sure what you come across later!).

Oh one more thing - don't know if it's just me but because of the graphical style and control methodology, I constantly expected to be able to jump by pressing spacebar! :-D